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Why You Need Smart Locks For Your AirBnB Short Term Rental

Not sure how an Airbnb smart lock works and whether opting for a keyless entry will actually pay off? We can name a few solid reasons for choosing any type of keyless entry for your short term rental property. You can save time, feel more in control of your schedule, and make more money.

Key handovers can be quite a hassle. You can adjust your work schedule to fit in guest arrival, or let go of the key entirely and use a smart lock for your guests.

When you upgrade to an Airbnb keyless entry, your guests will benefit from more flexible arrival times and privacy. These details will make for a better experience for both you and your guest generating more income.

Each guest has his or her own private pincode, meaning each reservation is secure. You can also create pin codes for cleaners, maintenance people, and other visitors which begin and expire based on your settings.

It also gives them privacy while exploring their rental on their own and not under your watch.

Your guests can now enter the unit on their own and there's no waiting around for your keys. They can explore the rental on their own and get privacy when they need it. It also gives them more flexible arrival times.

We use Remotelock hardware, and recommend our clients use this as it integrates perfectly with our systems. Other viable hardware models can be found here.

So let us know when you've installed your lock, and you're ready to go live! Or, we can do it for you.

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