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Hosting an Airbnb in 2022 - 5 Tips To Improve Your Listing

Hosting a successful short-term rental begins with setting up your listing.

All hosts ask the same question: How can I make more money with my rental, and how can I book more nights on Airbnb? At all stages of the hosting journey this is at the core of any short-term rental business. Unfortunately the answer is not so simple, because there are many opportunities to improve your listing!

Whether you’ve been hosting short-term rentals like a pro for years or you’re just getting started, here are 5 tips for your Airbnb listing to be more successful in 2022.

1. Update Your Listing Regularly

Your listing should highlight the most important things your rental has to offer. Are you in the middle of a vacation destination? Maybe you’re near a tourist attraction, near a golf course, a hospital, or a university. Know what makes your short-term rental unique and tell guest’s why they should stay there.

However, it is important not to embellish your record… Hey, you deserve a pat on the back, but go easy on it. Your listing also needs to be accurate. The Guest’s experience is important in maintaining a healthy listing. Make sure your listing is honest and transparent. If an amenity changes, update it in your listing. It is crucial always to maintain accurate records on-time.

2. Accurate, and High-Resolution Photos

Let your beautiful property sell itself to potential guests with well-lit, crisp photos of the entire place. Be sure to show off all rooms and sleeping accommodations, as well as any notable views and special amenities.

Your cover photo is one of the first things a potential guest will see. This is a very important photo so choose it wisely. It should highlight one of your best rooms or key selling features. This photo needs to say 1,000 words.

Keep photos current and continue to add more photos over time as you add or change amenities. We love to spice up our listings with murals. Adding murals and artwork in your AirBnB listing attracts more attention, and ultimately more confirmed bookings.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Set a Higher Price

Being the lowest-priced place doesn’t mean you’ll be the most successful.

Know the price your place deserves and why. Get to know what’s around you and why other places are charging those prices. A competitive market survey should be conducted at least each quarter. If your pricing is off-beat, your bookings will likely suffer.

There are a number of factors that go into setting your price. These can include amenities, seasonality of the property, amount of competition and so much more. Do your homework on your prices, but we recommend using PriceLabs for dynamic pricing on small portfolios, or Bouy for large portfolios / select properties.

4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

The reviews and star ratings on your listing make a big impact. It is important to maintain these two elements to drive maximum traffic to your short-term rental.

By being a responsive host you can proactively work to prevent negative reviews from tarnishing your profile’s reputation.

If you aren’t sure you can dedicate the energy to providing a five-star experience, consider having a management company partner with you in hosting your rental.

Don’t forget, you can call us at +1 (833) WISH-STR anytime you need a quick consultation. Our dedicated support team is available day or night to answer questions, or you can book a call with our executive staff for the really tough issues.

5. Complete your Entire Listing

Complete all aspects of your listing from photo captions, to house manuals, to check-in instructions. Make your listing as thorough as possible and continue to update as needed as more options become available. This is a great way to maximize your listing’s potential and stay relevant.

Pro Tip: Edit your listing on your smartphone in order to configure phone-friendly check in instructions. Just like with all other facets of hosting, your listing should go above and beyond to provide a great customer experience.

Configuring the listing is one of your core hosting responsibilities. It can directly affect the success of your rental. Whether you’re hosting a home, an apartment, or a spot in a vacation destination, the listing is your secret weapon for success.

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