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Spring Valley, CA

AirBnB and short-term rental property management services in Spring Valley, CA?

Spring Valley, CA

Do you own a short term rental property in Spring Valley, CA? Or would you like to? WISHSTR can help. 

We do everything for our investors for an attractive rate of 15-25% gross earnings

  • Furnishing options and discounts available upon request

  • Assistance with permitting in accordance with city and state regulations

  • Creating and configuring all new listings + optimizing the self check-in process

  • Smart pricing strategies for maximum revenue year-round

  • Professional photography to make your listings stand out

  • Prompt, personal communication with Guests from booking to checkout

  • Imposing fines for broken rules, damages, and soiled linens

  • Automated reminders for check in/out process

  • Direct Booking website and multiplatform advertising for owner’s listings

  • Turnover cleaning, linen replacement, supplies

  • Coordination of repairs/maintenance ($25 per appointment)


WISH Short Term Rental was incorporated in October 2019 by CEO Shawn Goh, and joined by CFO Noah Laker. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, WISH STR quickly grew from managing two to twenty homes within the first year in business, and more than 100 by the end of year two. WISH STR Enterprise, Inc. continues to prove itself as the most dynamic company in the vacation rental industry.

Sign with us today to gain access to a world of resources a proven system to $$$ MAKE. MORE. MONEY. $$$

With our dynamic pricing software, you’ll never leave money on the table during peak demand. It also reduces prices as dates get closer to try to increase occupancy. We also set a minimum limit to avoid prices going too low and attracting the wrong guests.

NoiseAware devices will be installed to try to prevent excessive noise and/or parties in your property.

Using smart messaging, guests receive automated messages upon booking, prior to check-in and check-out, as well as follow-up messages prompting them to leave a review.

We use smart locks that integrate with booking platforms and generate a unique 4-digit code for each guest that is only active during their stay. We also require emergency keys be kept onsite in lockboxes in case of a lock failure, which prevents cancellations because guests can’t access the property.

What sets us apart from the competition

We will maximize your income while handling all the stressful details. With our WISH profit guarantee, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money! If your monthly expenses outweigh the gross revenue, we will refund our hosting fee for that month.

You own your Airbnb listing, photos and reviews. Our no-obligation contract can be canceled for any reason with 30 days notice.


  • Exceptional Service - Both guests and clients know that we truly care about them. We have 24/7 customer service for guests and our clients can always reach out to one of our executives and are guaranteed to receive a timely response.

  • Continual Progress - We never stop improving our processes.

  • Teamwork - Our team members work together and strive for effective, efficient services.

  • Results Matter - We constantly review our metrics to find improvement opportunities.

Customer Service Policy
Our guests expect a high level of service during their stay. Understanding their needs and going out of our way to fulfill them helps us get those 5-star reviews.

House Rules
We have a set of rules and regulations which are to be followed by all Guests, so there is no guess work in maintaining decency in our properties.

Guest Vetting Policy
By vetting potential guests, we try to ensure only the highest quality of renters gain access to our properties.

Fees Policy
Fees are occasionally collected from guests for rule violations through the Resolution Center in AirBnB or other platform equivalents.We can also offer necessary credits to guests.

Nightly Rates & Pricing
One of our key functions as hosts is deciding how much to charge as our nightly rental rate. Nightly rates can vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors: day of the week, season, size / quality / location of the property, or if there are special events happening in the region. It is crucial for us as hosts to have knowledge of our key markets. We use a dynamic pricing software to accomplish this.

Smart Locks & Keypads
Smart Locks allow us to create and distribute custom pin codes to Guests and Vendors for keyless entry to our properties. For security reasons it is best to have a custom pin code for each Guest and Vendor, which will automatically expire so as to provide access only at the appropriate times.

Contact us to get started renting your home using our creative short-term rental strategy!

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